Writing challenge day 1- An impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare

Note: it is not really a writing challenge, but a “flash fiction challenge”. For me, it is the same. Regular writing, new ways to gather ideas.

— —

A woman, with plenty of clothes in her shopping basket, went to the fitting rooms. But on her way, she saw a new section. The display stand was full of shoes from every sides, with tiny figures, price tags, and some bows. Maybe it’s because of the fall season. New stuff.

‘Gotta check it out!’ she said. She didn’t even see the women standing next to her, watching the shoes.

That’s it. She saw a pair of stilettos in the shade of pine. Probably the first product here, at an unbelievable 77 dollars cost. Stylish, yet economical, she would be amazing with these on a date. Or on a ball. Pictures of the red carpet came to her mind, imagining herself with a charming human, smiling, feeling bashful.

She touched the toe-caps, noticing another woman already holding the shoe heels.

‘Excuse me’ said the woman. She was in her mid-thirties, looking decent, wearing tight clothes. ‘I just looked at these darlings, and decided to buy them.’

‘Well, don’t worry, probably they have another pair of it. What’s your shoe size?’

’37. Like these. So they will fit perfectly!’

‘Mine is also 37. You should ask if they have another pair, i’ll buy these sweeties in the meantime.’

‘I got them earlier, you ask the staff.’ her voice was calm. She was confident.

‘Why me? I can clearly remember it was I who got them. BEFORE you.’ she almost spat it out. It was a really annoying situation.

‘Please just go, i don’t want to fight you.’

‘Fight me? No, you don’t want to fight an argonican!’ That’s it. She started to show her teeth, and made low-pitched sounds.

‘For an argonican, you are pretty bad-tempered. Besides, you are the one, who don’t want to fight an exerpuron!’

‘I’m a warrior argonican, i would easily smite you. You are no one to tell me what to do and how to act!’

The exerpuron woman chuckled, and released the shoes. She drew out a small, but very frightening gun from her purse. There was a vivid, purple- colored fluid in it, and one could clearly see some buttons, and spins on it. She pushed the gun into the argonican’s chest, who released the shoes, and backed up a little, showing signs of retreat.

But all of a sudden, her purse changed into a shield, and when others started to panic, she showed her weapon: a shiny staff, with a chain and spikes on it. The spikes glew like fire.

‘I WANT that shoe! It is perfect for a Friday night!’

‘You don’t know for how long i’v searched for a seaweed stiletto. You don’t.’

‘That’s not right, idiot, it’s pine-shaded, not seaweed.’

‘You arguing about shades?Really?’ The exerpuron fired. It was a quick, silent shot, with a sound like a broken whistle. The shot almost hit her opponent, but she dodged it.

‘What on earth is that?’

That was a rather stupid question. Of course, they were on Earth. But in this case, many things were possible. Including sounds of alarms, sirens, and incoming spaceships.

‘Did you just call for a backup? You’re pathetic.’

‘Oh, don’t worry. An automatic backup for every warrior like me’.

The exerpuron started to laugh. She would laugh a little longer if she didn’t have to dodge her opponent’s attack.

The buyers and the staff were gone. There would be total silence if the two woman weren’t in a fight. Over a pair of shoes.

‘Ok, i will end you. I don’t have time for this.’ She grabbed the shoes, jumped high in the air, and while turning, she fired again. This time, it was a hit. ‘High-tech plasma gun. Tiny, complex plasma gun. Do you like it?’

‘There will…be…war.’ said the argonican. She bled, giving horrible sounds, laying on the floor. The last thing she saw was the other woman standing in front of her, then disappearing in a white light. Although, she said silently, before she left “Oh, okay, a war would be fun!”.

— —

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Office workers’ menu A

A hint on a perfect meal, if you have an office job like me.

This meal is a stuffed zucchini, with mozzarella gnocchi.


  • 1 zucchini

  • 100 g camambert

  • 1 Capia pepper

  • cream

  • spices: salt, black pepper, thyme, basil

  • 1 egg

  • 100 g mozzarella

  • additional for meat eaters: bacon and/or sausage

I think the making process is easy. For the zucchini, you just have to wash&cut it, i recomment to cut it in 4 pieces. Then you just put the “stuffing” on it, or carve it a little, and you add it after it.

I cut the Capia little, 2-3 cm slices, for the camambert, just simple slices (1 cm thick) like you would slice a cheese. I placed them on the zucchini, poured some cream on it- not too much otherwise it will go everywhere, and we don’t want it, do we? The final stage was putting the spices(for the salt, it’s up to you, for one piece of zucchini, it is just one pinch of salt for me). I leave that to your taste, i used about one pinch with all of the spices.

If you are a meat eater, i recommend to use bacon, or some kind of a sausage (sliced/chopped). 

Bake it until the cheese is melted, and the vegetables are soft.

If you never heard about mozzarella gnocchi, here is a great recipe i use: 

Garlic “Gnocchi”

I found it on pinterest 🙂

Here is a picture i made. Sorry for the quality, i’ll make some more and i’ll make a better pic, but at least you can see how it looks. My colleague said it looks a bit crazy, but smelled fine, and tasted fine 🙂


Enjoy, comment, share.



Being honest&open

Note: This is a story. I'll post stories from time to time. Keep in mind that
 they might be fictional, or non-fictional. But they are stories.

- Nowadays i'm hallucinating dinosaurs.
- You're clinging to the past.
- What?The past? Why?
- I don't know. Maybe you want to bring back something?
- I like your girly outfit. Sneakers, long socks, t-shirts. Jeans,
 lousy hair.
- I can wear those once a week.
- What? Just like this?
- Yeah. If you want it, i'll do it.
- But if that's so easy...
- It is. You can tell me if you want something!
- You didn't like that in the past?
- Like what?
- The pain. The scratches. I want to hurt you.
- That's okay,too.
- Okay how? You couldn't stand the pain. I saw you crying, screaming, 
suffering from it.
- It has changed.
- But your mind!
- After it, i was calm.
- Calm? Really?
- Yes. I was relaxed.
- You never told me.
- You never asked.

Inside thought

What if you have someone who could do things to you that noone did to you before?

Would you be shocked? Blissful? Or just angry at yourself?

Personally, i’m puzzled.

This someone is not only a threat to you, but a teacher, too. Makes you feel both whole, and torn apart. Curious and tired. This someone can take you to a journey where you dance with insanity, you feel the edges of your personality, figthing, arguing with each other.

Still you desire him, even if it’s hatred what lies deep inside your soul. They tell you it is real if you feel it. At least to you, isn’t it?


Banpancake (banana pancake alias Banáncsinta)

Story: In these days, healthy people usually make food without (white) flour. And without sugar. I can see why this is good, but i still want to eat tasty meals, especially the ones with a familiar taste. So, after a little searching i’ve found the banana pancake, and made my own.

Integredients(for 1 or 2 persons)

2 bananas

2 eggs

ground cinnamon

butter or coconut oil for the baking

additional: maple syrup or jam when it’s ready

Whisk the eggs, and simply add it to the MASHED bananas, then spice it with cinnamon. It does not require any sweetener.  Then you either bake it in a frying pan, or in the oven, until it’s golden-brown. I usually make it in cupcake/muffin oven.


Veggie recipe inspired by my fridge

Story: i was hungry and needed food. I saw the content of my fridge. and i realized it contains too many vegetables. That’s all 😀


  • 2 carrots
  • 2 (big) potatoes
  • 2 kapia peppers
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • half lettuce
  • spices (salt, black pepper, curcuma, wok spice)
  • butter

Making process: First, i wash, and peel(well, almost, cause the pepper and the lettuce don’t have to be peeled) everything, then slice. After it, spread the butter in a wok pan or a saucepan. Add the garlic (chopped to little pieces), then the carrots. Add salt and some spices.I baked the carrots for a little while, then added water (one cup), and cover it. It’s important to not add the potato immediately because (if you don’t know it already) the carrots need more time to cook. I added the potatoe when the carrots are half-cooked.

Add some water everytime you need it to avoid burning down.

When both the potatoe and the carrot are half or fully cooked, add the pepper and the lettuce. Cook until everything is “nice and soft”(and with just a little amount of water, so it’s rather sauced not “wet”), but don’t forget to taste if it needs more salt or spice.

Tips: you can eat it with bagels, or have it as a garnish next to meat.

Also, a picture of kapia peppers:


Healthy deodorant

Story: i always hated deodorant sprays, cause they either hadn’t got the pleasent smell, or they simply didn’t work. Some of them were even expensive for me. So, here is my own deo made from natural stuff. It works fine, i decide the smell of it, the only unpleasant thing is that i have to oil/grease it on me, so my fingers are a little oily( I haven’t worked out yet the method to fill it in a form).


2 tablespoons of bicarbonate

2 tablespoons of corn starch

pinch of salt

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

3 tablespoons of olive oil

essential/infused oils (must be 100% pure oils) of your choice

Simply stir the integredients -first the oils. I used sweet orange and lemon oil, maximum 10-10 drops of it. You can add tea tree leaf oil as well. I keep it in the fridge if the weather is too hot as it tends to melt. It is enough for at least 2 months.