Being honest&open

Note: This is a story. I'll post stories from time to time. Keep in mind that
 they might be fictional, or non-fictional. But they are stories.

- Nowadays i'm hallucinating dinosaurs.
- You're clinging to the past.
- What?The past? Why?
- I don't know. Maybe you want to bring back something?
- I like your girly outfit. Sneakers, long socks, t-shirts. Jeans,
 lousy hair.
- I can wear those once a week.
- What? Just like this?
- Yeah. If you want it, i'll do it.
- But if that's so easy...
- It is. You can tell me if you want something!
- You didn't like that in the past?
- Like what?
- The pain. The scratches. I want to hurt you.
- That's okay,too.
- Okay how? You couldn't stand the pain. I saw you crying, screaming, 
suffering from it.
- It has changed.
- But your mind!
- After it, i was calm.
- Calm? Really?
- Yes. I was relaxed.
- You never told me.
- You never asked.

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