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Writing challenge day 1- An impulse buy leading to intergalactic warfare

Note: it is not really a writing challenge, but a “flash fiction challenge”. For me, it is the same. Regular writing, new ways to gather ideas.

— —

A woman, with plenty of clothes in her shopping basket, went to the fitting rooms. But on her way, she saw a new section. The display stand was full of shoes from every sides, with tiny figures, price tags, and some bows. Maybe it’s because of the fall season. New stuff.

‘Gotta check it out!’ she said. She didn’t even see the women standing next to her, watching the shoes.

That’s it. She saw a pair of stilettos in the shade of pine. Probably the first product here, at an unbelievable 77 dollars cost. Stylish, yet economical, she would be amazing with these on a date. Or on a ball. Pictures of the red carpet came to her mind, imagining herself with a charming human, smiling, feeling bashful.

She touched the toe-caps, noticing another woman already holding the shoe heels.

‘Excuse me’ said the woman. She was in her mid-thirties, looking decent, wearing tight clothes. ‘I just looked at these darlings, and decided to buy them.’

‘Well, don’t worry, probably they have another pair of it. What’s your shoe size?’

’37. Like these. So they will fit perfectly!’

‘Mine is also 37. You should ask if they have another pair, i’ll buy these sweeties in the meantime.’

‘I got them earlier, you ask the staff.’ her voice was calm. She was confident.

‘Why me? I can clearly remember it was I who got them. BEFORE you.’ she almost spat it out. It was a really annoying situation.

‘Please just go, i don’t want to fight you.’

‘Fight me? No, you don’t want to fight an argonican!’ That’s it. She started to show her teeth, and made low-pitched sounds.

‘For an argonican, you are pretty bad-tempered. Besides, you are the one, who don’t want to fight an exerpuron!’

‘I’m a warrior argonican, i would easily smite you. You are no one to tell me what to do and how to act!’

The exerpuron woman chuckled, and released the shoes. She drew out a small, but very frightening gun from her purse. There was a vivid, purple- colored fluid in it, and one could clearly see some buttons, and spins on it. She pushed the gun into the argonican’s chest, who released the shoes, and backed up a little, showing signs of retreat.

But all of a sudden, her purse changed into a shield, and when others started to panic, she showed her weapon: a shiny staff, with a chain and spikes on it. The spikes glew like fire.

‘I WANT that shoe! It is perfect for a Friday night!’

‘You don’t know for how long i’v searched for a seaweed stiletto. You don’t.’

‘That’s not right, idiot, it’s pine-shaded, not seaweed.’

‘You arguing about shades?Really?’ The exerpuron fired. It was a quick, silent shot, with a sound like a broken whistle. The shot almost hit her opponent, but she dodged it.

‘What on earth is that?’

That was a rather stupid question. Of course, they were on Earth. But in this case, many things were possible. Including sounds of alarms, sirens, and incoming spaceships.

‘Did you just call for a backup? You’re pathetic.’

‘Oh, don’t worry. An automatic backup for every warrior like me’.

The exerpuron started to laugh. She would laugh a little longer if she didn’t have to dodge her opponent’s attack.

The buyers and the staff were gone. There would be total silence if the two woman weren’t in a fight. Over a pair of shoes.

‘Ok, i will end you. I don’t have time for this.’ She grabbed the shoes, jumped high in the air, and while turning, she fired again. This time, it was a hit. ‘High-tech plasma gun. Tiny, complex plasma gun. Do you like it?’

‘There will…be…war.’ said the argonican. She bled, giving horrible sounds, laying on the floor. The last thing she saw was the other woman standing in front of her, then disappearing in a white light. Although, she said silently, before she left “Oh, okay, a war would be fun!”.

— —

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